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Start a Telecoms Business

Telcoinabox Group enables anyone with a strong sales orientation to start a telecoms business and run their own telecoms company. It’s that simple. All you need is a phone, an internet connection and a computer, Telcoinabox Group look after everything else. That’s why it’s the ideal start-up opportunity for motivated individuals and businesses with an entrepreneurial spirit.

If you’re motivated and ambitious, the Telcoinabox Group business opportunity will enable you to have the work-life balance you choose — or dream of. Use your entrepreneurial skills to be your own boss, build your own brand and start up your own business. You’ll have the flexibility to work from home (or anywhere with a computer, phone and internet connection) or to work when and how you want.


Telcoinabox Group sits in the background; we are ‘invisible' to your customers. Our professional, UK-based, 24/7 technical support team answers the phone in your business’ name, whilst the billing team ensures your customers get billed correctly and on time each and every month. Whilst you’re responsible for the sales and marketing, you’re not alone; your Account Manager and the Partner Support Team (PST) are there to assist with your sales acquisition strategies, provisioning, and ordering assistance and the Marketing team is there to provide you with advice and assistance. Our model lets you focus solely on growing your business.


We give you the tools to change your lifestyle. Create a successful business that fits in and around your family or other commitments.

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Your Own Brand

Telcoinabox Group is a unique system that allows you to develop your own brand whilst using our state-of-the-art systems

Telcoinabox Group enables you to work from home, the office, or wherever suits your lifestyle.

Work from Home

With no need for stock or a store front, working from home couldn’t be easier.  You can operate your business around your lifestyle and family, whilst giving your customers the appearance and confidence that they’re dealing with a much larger company – your technical support team answer your customer’s queries 24/7, 365 days a year.

and processes. The collateral (customer application forms, product brochures etc) provided to you will be branded by us with your business name, colours and logos. We know the Telcoinabox model works, because we’ve been refining it for more than 12 years, launched it in multiple worldwide markets and created hundreds of successful telecoms companies.

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Ray Grierson - Sky Cloud London

My relationship with Telcoinabox Group has now grown from strength to strength, after two years I can honestly say it is the best move I have ever made and the only negative is I should have done it sooner.

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