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IoT to 5G

The future of digital transformation is already upon us. The development of the Internet of Things, and its synchronicity with 5G, has led to industries around the world being transformed and it is not difficult to see why.

IoT is the encompassing of all things connected to the internet – however, it is most often used to define devices, machines or objects that communicate with each other. By combining these devices together, through automated means, you can collect information, analyse, and respond automatically or responsively to help a process and improve customer service.

This is all subsequently boosted with the evolution of 5G technologies and 5G networks. It is not just faster speeds that can be provided with 5G – extraordinary speed, expanded bandwidth, low latency, and increased power efficiency mean that you can have greater adaptability, security and productivity enabled in your business and utilise a powerful combination that is driving connections and changing our world.

What does this all mean for businesses though?

Across a number of industries, IoT has already helped to transform businesses – from retail and manufacturing to medical care to hospitality.

Through the collection of information and key data, IoT enables a number of benefits to existing businesses; New revenue opportunities can be created as a result of the real-time feedback and responses you can access from your devices – connecting all your existing devices together will allow better business decisions and responses with all information gathered for analysis and action. This real-time data not only affects your business but also your customers. With direct access to this information, you can better understand your customers’ needs and wants and evaluate and react with little time wasted.

And with 5G integration, all of this can be done with greater ease, speed, control, and scalability that may not have seemed possible on previous networks. 5G underpins IoT in business and can increasingly support it.

“The ultra-low latency of 5G will pave the way for newer ground-breaking possibilities in digitising verticals like health care, smart manufacturing, and education, It could be a key enabler to building smarter cities with the advancement in transportation, public safety, and even retail.”

If you want to stay ahead of the competition in business and thrive, you need to improve your business in new ways and with IoT and 5G together, you can stay ahead of the fast-moving digital world.


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