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Bringing 4G to the London Underground

Cities around the world have for decades now followed the example set by the London Underground when it comes to building their own underground railway service. One area, however, that London's famous tube network has yet to set an example in is its underground connectivity - until now...

Vodafone has set out to change that, with the aim to keep you connected from entrance to exit throughout your tube journey. Vodafone partnered with Transport for London and BAI Communications to allow customers to connect wherever they are across the entire London Underground network. The days of frantically checking the WiFi settings on your phone with every platform your tube enters are disappearing as fast as the platform WiFi did when you left the station.

Work on the 4G coverage cross the Tube network is well underway and it's already in place across the eastern end of the Jubilee Line from Westminster to Canning Town. As soon as the New Year, Bank, Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Euston and Camden Town will be added to that list. Keeping some of London's busiest stations connected.

This is just the start, with Vodafone's sight set on achieving full 4G connectivity by 2024. With that in mind, now is a great time to take up the Telcoinabox Group Opportunity and start a business in telecoms today. Get your customers connected and start selling a range of Vodafone solutions to them among a raft of other telecommunications services that will benefit the business market.

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